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Thanks for your feedback. Did you save the configuration before running it. Because I think I remember that saving it resets ppc_model to automatic and then it works.

Thanks for your testing ! (Weird because here it keeps crashing whatever I try).
Got it working now, with proper screenmodes

I modified my own previous setup, adapted the mediator settings to match your settings. And edited the configfile to "ppc_model=604e"

Now it is much faster. Not as fast as cyberstormppc setup, but significantly faster than without the 604e setting.
I havent done any speed tests, but when booting up with 603e, it is so slow that the startup sound stops playing while the dock is loaded, and continues to play the tune afterwards. And it takes a while before the background image loads and the dock visualize itself at the bottom of the screen.
Then I go to workbench:prefs and open screenmode, it takes many seconds before the screenmode settings opens, and I can actually se parts of the windows getting drawn.
With 604e the startupsound plays without problems and the background image is loaded about the time the sound fades, shortly after this the dock apears. Opening the screenmode prefs takes only a few seconds now.

BTW, the 604e setting does not go back to automatic if I do changes and save the winue config.

I will attach my config file here with working A1200 604e

EDIT: btw. I'm using this config with the winuae 64 bit version
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