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Originally Posted by Locutus View Post
Seeing thats not a possible configuration with real hardware its not suprising that it crashes.
I agree it's not a real config. That being said, it does not necessarily means crash + this is a trick I heard about here and there many times. So it must have run under "some" circumstances (even if not faster).

Originally Posted by Locutus View Post
Keep in mind that a large part of why CSPPC emulation is faster is due to much lower CPU usage of SCSI I/O versus the IDE which has to be used with BlizzPPC.
Since the introduction of OS4 extensions, uaehf can be used. It may still be slower than cyberstorm scsi and thus be the actual root cause for Blizzard config running slower, but I wanted to give a try to this "ppc_model" parameter trick just to see if its impact on speed is urban legend or true.

Thanks for your feedback !
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