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Hi, it does indeed look like a bug. Works with "regular" gamepad devices but not with xinput controllers. Will look into it:

In the mean, you can do a workaround, which is also actually much better

joystick_0_rstick_button = action_key_f10
joystick_1_rstick_button = action_key_f10
joystick_2_rstick_button = action_key_f10
joystick_3_rstick_button = action_key_f10
The advantage is that this will work with any recognized game pad, since the actual button number is omitted from the config. With these lines, it will work with up to 4 connected gamepads. You can add more lines if you think you'll have more connected devices at once ;-)

(PS: For other readers, the OP probably uses WHDLoad and F10 as a quit key there. If he wanted to quit FS-UAE directly, he'd use action_quit)

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