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Originally Posted by Eclipse View Post
I know quite a bit about copyright, dare you to try me.
I do have a question for you Andreas though. Are you the copyright holder on all the software you provide? If so how?
Copyright is fairly similar in most countries so no hiding behind a German law curtain.
I was just linked this thread, and haven't read it, nor have the time to do so now, though I may later. Admittedly, that puts me at something of a disadvantage, but I saw "copyright is fairly similar" and I think it's more similar than one might think because of the Berne Convention. It does appear that Germany has signed it, whatever that may add to the conversation.

Also, in the US it is illegal to claim you have a copyright you don't actually have (it is an act of perjury). I'd be curious if the same is true in Germany. (Here is one article explaining the situation.)
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