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You can either 1. Copy cracked versions from the net to a real 880K disk or you can 2. Try to make a backup copy of your disks and use them.

For 1 you just down load the ADF file off the net and transfer to a DSDD disk. The easiest way is to use a higher end Amiga to transfer the ADF to it and using a AmigaDOS command or tool to write the ADF image back to a real disk. Search the net on how to do that. (you can also use hardware on the PC to do this, search for Catweasel)

For 2 you can do this by using a hardware copier to make a pretty much exact copy which will also be uncopyable by xcopy etc. Such hardware copiers are like Cyclone, Super Card Ami II, etc. Or you can use a crack copy disk that has parameters to make a 100% working and cracked version. Such copy tools are: Maurader II, Lockpic V2, Raw Copy III, Project D.

If you need any help let me know! I have done this a lot over the years.
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