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Basically you need to share a folder on your PC and enable file sharing and update your PC's firewall to allow the Amiga to connect to it. In EasyNet the username/password fields are the username/password you use to login to your PC.
Yup done that already... or rather, I never unshared the drawer on the PC :P

And I refuse to use a firewall, there's a very good one in the router.

I don't have a password for my PC.... only username.

EDIT: Possible to share an Amiga drawer an remote connect via the PC? (as in, proper network, not AE, since AE refuses not matter what I do here.)
EASYNet still refuses to connect to my PC shared.... that's with correct (I've doublechecked, just in case) IP-adress for both computer, corect netmask, correct sharename, workgroup-name.... at least I can get online this time around, however, I've got most stuff on the PC, so wouldn't really want to go online to find everything a second time around :P

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