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Yeah I understood they are not USB, but I have PS/2 devices that weren't working.
(Also docs say maybe USB 1.1 support might arrive, so that's something to look for in the future)

I talked with Valentin and he has come to the conclusion that my adapter is not passive, so that's the problem. He told me one has to make sure the adapter is passive, and sent me a pic of his adapters:

He said:
Originally Posted by Valentin Angelovski
Be aware however that not all PS/2 to USB passive adapters like the one above have exactly the same pinout. Here is the EXPECTED wiring diagram of the correct adapter:

​I think the case colour of that PS/2 to USB adapter also matters in that regard (I went for black ie. something generic, not green or purple...).

For the record, I bought my adapter from our local electronics store here in Australia: (pictured in white moulded casing, but scored black ones instead - guess either of those case colours may be safe BUT it always helps to double-check! :-)

As for the game ports, the docs say that you have to ground the pins to get a response. Is that how Amiga joysticks work? Can I just wire up DB-9 ports?

Don't get me wrong at all, I didn't expect this to be a ready device by any means, and I love DIY and hobby projects like this, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't making mistakes, and in the keyboard case, I clearly was.
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