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Well I gave this a try, at first I had issues with the SD card I guess? It was stuck at the blue Minimig screen. But I redid everything (maybe kick.rom is case sensitive) and it booted to the Kickstart hand.

However I also had keyboard issues. I have a PS/2 keyboard and a PS/2 mouse, but they weren't working, so I couldn't test further. Maybe it is because my adapter has one USB to two PS/2 adapters? So yeah, seems like everything worked fine, but I couldn't really give it a proper go. I will try a regular USB keybaord next as you suggest, Higgy.

Then I tried Next186 and that was a bigger fail, said it didn't find the ROM even though I injected it at the end of the card, I guess it is because it was a regular 2GB microSD card? I don't have any SDHC to try.

So I wrote to Valentin to see if he can shed some light, mabe we need a specific type of USB>PS/2 adapter. I surely wish we could hook a USB hub to a port and connect stuff, because also: What about a gameport? Only way is by wiring a proper DB9? If so, for the time being, I won't be able to test much. But am very excited about the possibilities, and flashing the cores to the unit was really easy! If Valentin makes more of these, I suggest anyone interested in Minimig to get one!
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