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Hi. As I understand:

1. It has USB connectors but uses PS/2 protocol. A lot of USB keyboards are still PS/2 compatible so that is not an issue.
Joypads might be more of a problem but there was talk of wiring in a 9 pin dtype plug on the GPIO to connect original joysticks. I am pretty sure the AMIGA Minimig FPGA port would need this adding in, but hopefully Valentin will add this.
2. It is HDMI out with sound so perfect for TV. There was talk of the potential for adding a 3.5 mm jack to the GPIO port if you were using say a HDMI-DVI converter, but it don't think that was so easy.

Hopefully the Minimig filters will also be included as i think with scanlines and a filter it looks quite good on VGA (this was using a MiST on a VGA monitor).
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