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well, I finally saw the Dark Knight yesterday.

What can I say? I was shocked. Impressed. I was expecting a fun Batman movie with a lot of action and what I got was a small masterpiece that has a villain with a depth I have not seen before in any movie. It is amazing how a fantasy world like gotham city can be made so realistic, especially the people living in it. I generally don't like movies that try to teach a lesson of morality (hollywood people have no morals to teach), but this is so well written that I can only love it.

I especially admire the way that they made a real attempt at hiding all the gruesome stuff like in any PG-13 movie, but it makes absolutely no difference; you still have the full experience because of the way the scenes are shot, the music is used and the convincing acting. I believe the movie is better like this than if they would have made it a gory mess, your mind is much better at visualizing what is missing than CGI could do for you. In other movies they simply make no attempt to include the psychological aspect. The only other movie I have seen that does this perfectly is the undervalued "the Bone Collector".

As for the topic of the old joker VS the new joker... I believe that they are two completely different characters and no comparison should be made at all. But where Jack Nicholson played his joker in a fun and very respectable burtonesque way, Heath Ledger really nails his chaos driven joker and actually becomes him. I am only too sorry that I can be so impressed by his acting skill after he died.

Now lets hope they can find a suitable actor to play the villain in the third movie, as I fear this is hard to top.
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