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Originally Posted by illy5603 View Post
Thanks everybody,

I am -> this <- close to getting this working, Patched ROM is created but I get the feeling that my SETPATCH command is out of date as I get

wrong number of arguments after:

C:LoadModule DEVS:scsi.device NOREBOOT <-works!
C:Setpatch SKIPROMUPDATES scsi.device QUIET <- wrong number of arguments

And it doesn't show "Skipromupdates" as one of the CLI options.

I can get the 43.45 scsi.device as showing up in Sysinfo if I type the load module command by hand from CLI.

So close!
You should be even closer, .

EDIT:- My bad, it should read;

C:Setpatch SKIPROMMODULES scsi.device QUIET
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