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Originally Posted by Master484 View Post
Octamed didn't get stuck and played it normally.

Although with Octamed all these mods have one other small problem: After loading them, the speed setting is always wrong at first. For example in this latest mod, the speed sets itself to 033/08. And I then had to manually move it to the correct setting, which seemed to be 033/16. But other than that they seem to play fine.
Hello, I like recomend you, to use 3 channel music (if you mix the kick and bass samples you can have drums and bass in one channel, we are doing like that) and 1 channel for sound FX.

It is terrible a game without music+FX, please consider that.

If I can choose, I choose 50fps player ship, 25fps scroll and enemies.

Thanks for investigate for a nice new game.
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