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Originally Posted by Master484 View Post

I finally managed to get AGA dual playfields working in Blitz, and made a new demo version.


So now the demo is AGA only, and uses a 16+16 color AGA Dual Playfield screen at size 288*256.
Might I recommend once again that you look into using the BitplanesBitmap command to assign bitmap objects to the individual bitplanes and set up your dual-playfield manually.

This could ultimately give you a lot more freedom with what your engine could do. For example with a bit of clever level design you could mix the standard 4-bit+4-bit display format with a 256 colour screen filling boss. Or you could have a 2-bit background playfield for a "space" level which would allow you to use 6-bitplanes in the foreground for that level.

So you could have your existing 16 colour background 16 colour foreground for one level but you would not be forced to use it all the time and could even change foreground and background playfield bit-depth on the fly.

And those are just a couple of the tricks you can do with this method, palette fading and transparency is another trick you would be able to do, and the list goes on.

It is a little more work, there will be a lot more lines of code. But ultimately it does not use much more overhead to Block each individual bitplane for a total of 4 Block's than to Block all four bitplanes at once, and if you were to replace the code that Block's and Blockscroll's the background playfield with custom 68K routines which are fixed to the display specifications then there's potentially quite a bit of optimisations to be made.

This would obviously require you to do quite a bit of experimenting with a new command, and I certainly don't expect this to be easy to implement, but it does work, I have used this method more than once. Even an experienced 68K coder I was working with on one demo project found this to be a versitile way of doing things. .

I don't imagine this being a feature of your engine any time soon, but I would definitely recommend looking into the BitplanesBitmap command if you are focussing on developing fancy graphics engines. It gives you so much more freedom and power over the Bitmap object.
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