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Looking better and better but why are you not blitting a couple of tiles a frame rather than loads at one? There would be no pause at all using this method.
Because blitting all the tiles at once is easier and a more clear way to do it.

And also this is a speed optimization; no real time tile blitting at all means a few more bullets on screen, which isn't much, but everything counts.

Although in the future I may make a system where at least some tiles of the next map section will be blitted during the "low stress" periods; and this should reduce the "stop time" quite a lot.

Or alternatively being able to use the second fire button to fire the beam would be a nice thing to do.
Yes, the second fire button would be much better, but for this demo I just chose "L" for Laser; and more keys will likely come later, such as "B" for bomb or number keys for power up levels...these keys are just for testing purposes. In the finished version gamepads and two-button joys would of course be supported.
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