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BlizzardPPC ROMS

Hello, can someone help me? I am about to install WB 4.1 on my A1200 PPC with BVision, brought the disks, finding the auto boot FD doesn't like my PCMCIA SCSI drive but I'm sure I will get around that. For the moment though I am awaiting another CF card and would like to start building the OS on my PC.
So downloaded the latest WinUEA last night and it came up with missing ROM files, I cant seem to find them anywhere, the ones which were in the Zone, are gone. I also see that I may need the GFX card ROM, is that true?

So I think what I need is
BlizzardPPC ROM
Blizzardvision ROM

I have had a PPC card for a year now and never used that part of it, only wanted it because of the graphics card, now I would love to see what WB 4.1 is like :-)
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