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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
You should make more things. To start to delete or better disable CyberbugFixAGA (open Games/ScummVm Aga and there's an script there for that), and I would copy your working libs of another OS39 that you have working over the existing and also the Devs: Classes/Datatypes. But this are just expeculations.
Well now we are getting somewhere :-)

Disabling CyberbugFixAGA removed the "could not open rtg.library" error and now the Radeon starts up.

However :-) when I boot I now get another error saying "could not create graphics board contex for Radeon". After a couple of flashes of the AGA screen it loads the the Radeon workbench. Any suggestions?

There are some graphics errors around the icon text but I think that is a matter of configuration.

A suggestions: When you have finetunes the AmiKit for AGA it would be great with a version for people with highend Amigas with Mediator etc. :-)

Btw: Anybody know what the best env arc settings are for a Radeon 9250 on a Mediator 4000Di MK2 running on a CSPPC. Medconfig only sets the video memory for 32MB and buster 11. Is there other settings there should be set?

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