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This is important to know, so thanks PeterK:

Originally Posted by PeterK
Of course, it should always be possible to use a screenmode with more than 16 colors, too. As long as the first 16 colors are locked with FullPalette or other similar tools, it should work perfectly with 64, 128 or whatever number of colors. All icons would simply look a little better than before.
So you can leave your AmiKit to use just 16 colors or use whatever amount (256 I'm trying now, although I think I will use 64). It will look just.... better than ever . Anyway my wallpapers are remapped for 16 colors and surely anothers remapped for example for 256 colors if you use them will look better if using those colors.

If you are just using it under emulation you can also set it to use 256 colors instead of 16.

Edit: crazyc if you want to use Workbench insteal of Magellan, you just have to use MorpheuZ (icon on screen), select it as Enviroment, wait till your hardware saves it to the HD (some seconds) and reboot. Then you'll have Workbench running instead of Magellan

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