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Web of Terror Cheat

Enter MARGE### for your name, the # signs should be replaced with letters.

First position after the E the only valid character are blank and A
Second position after the E if first position is blank the valid character are
A-I (1-9) or blank for 0 if the first position contains an A then blank, A or B
(0-2). For the 3rd postiion the valid characters depend on what is in the 1st
2 positions.

MARGE I - Start on level 10
MARGE AI - Start on level 20
MARGE BI - Start on level 30
MARGE CI - Start on level 40
MARGEA - Start on level 101
MARGEAA - Start on level 111
MARGEAAC - Start on level 114
MARGEABC - Start on level 124 (2nd last level)

Both MARGEA K and MARGEAAA = level 112

Enter your name as PAUSE and the game will pause on and off with the fire button
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