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A few good choices here - Super Stardust, Roadkill, Marvin's Marvelous Adventure, Slamtilt. Most of Vulture's list really needs more than the basic A1200. The two Zeewolf games are good examples of games that weren't AGA and so did run on an A500, but where too slow without the accelerator. Other games might've benefitted from the memory.

As for prices, I might've slightly exaggerated. The comparison is slightly apples-to-oranges, as PCs always used hard drives by then and required specialised monitors, whereas an Amiga was perfectly usable from floppies and with an old 14" TV. An A1200 with 40Mb hard drive and monitor would be £about £800 here in Feb 1993, while a 386SX25 with monitor, 2Mb and a soundcard would cost about £1000 here (remember to add VAT for the main prices). Arguably the Amiga would be better for action games, the PC for sims/strategy/adventures - and with much more available software, why didn't Commodore make sure companies had enhanced AGA games in development sooner, and at least warn them to make everything compatible?
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