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Some AGA games are only AGA because A1200 got more ram than other models. But, yes, there are games that look impresive and have something improved to ECS/OCS versions.
Brian the lion - A500 was very impresive, AGA add more backgrounds with nice parallax, cd32 add more levels, mini-games, save-slots and cd tracks.
Slam Tilt - great graphic and gameplay.
Oscar - sure gameplay was low, but graphic got lot of stuff You can pickup, animated elements, big well animated hero sprite and giant mody pictures in backgrounds. AGA floppy Trolls on other hand looks near same, only cd32 got nice giant background pictures.
Tower Assault - I see it have more colors, just like Chaos Enigne
Super Stardust - lot of nice effects, very colorfull
Kid Chaos - is hard, but it's also very fast and got those giant made of many parts parallax backgrounds
T-zero was cool shmup but need more powered amiga
Aladdin, Banshee, Flink and Chuck Rock 2 (but I'm sure that A500 could play that two games if have more power), Fightin'spirit, Immposible Mission 2025 ( I do not noticed more colors but backgrounds are bigger), Ishar ( each game got more colors)

Personally I like always to pick cd32 version if avaible and if it improve even more sounds and controls.
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