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Looking for more missing rips in the longplay.

On level 7 - Trouble in the Tree, the little balls that make up the web strand the spider is hanging from.

Going back to level 1, when you hit the caveman wearing the dino suit, the "head" of the costume pops off and up. I didn't see that in the sprite sheet. It's right above the caveman here (kinda hard to see with the trees)

Level 7 boss Nigel, the volcanoes in the background...they have a different pallete from the ones in the earlier levels.

Level 7 boss Nigel, the little starburst sprite when you hit the boss:

Statue carving subgame...the tiny bird that flies along the top of the screen:

Level 8 Fruit Mountain the little candy bonus items...and the next pic the log bridge pieces:

The floating wooden platform on the right. Second pic the bonus item pickup numbers 100,200,400.

Samuel boss. the little starburst when you hit:

Radioactive sewers level there is a gear and an animated piece of wood which falls from the ceiling sometimes:

Car factory level this chap falls from the far side into the water:

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