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You mean Arg2 right? It only contains the custom title if it has been set with "lister set title", else path string is returned like Arg4.
That is what I've been doing until now:
I always set custom title and then I was looking for the cache with the same name (using Arg2). But I couldn't find anything- only no argument gave some result (at that time my path was empty).
After this I started setting custom path and that name sometimes worked with FINDCACHE.
I write "sometimes" because it really works sometimes lets say 10 times in a row it doesn't work and 1 it works

I think it is beyond me.

Anyway I just set that flag you mentioned and will see if there is any proggress.

About my EDIT in the post above:
When I write the path in the path field by hand and press enter the port gets closed (but you can keep it open by adding "path" handler)
That workaround doesn't work with FINDCACHE - so there must be some other reason for closing the port.

I found one more "strange" case:
add to your code "inactive" event handler (can be just NOP)- once that code is triggered the port will not be closed after closing the lister.

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