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Originally Posted by peceha View Post
1. In opus arexx manual ("custom handlers: active" section) it says that cache is taking the name from liser's title and if it is empty/not set then from lister's path.
That is not true - lister's title has nothing to do with the cache's name - only PATH is important.
You mean Arg2 right? It only contains the custom title if it has been set with "lister set title", else path string is returned like Arg4.

2. Unfortunately LISTER FINDCACHE, when successful, closes my port for custom handlers!! (same as LISTER EMPTY)
In other words: if custom cache is found and displayed the port is closed.
Hmm... sounds strange to me that a simple command destroy your port.

Did you tried some handler flags like synctraps?

Sometimes you need to use a "lister wait", "lister refresh" or "lister query" to make things work. The "Custom Handlers, The Basics" part tells some of this (problems).

Maybe you find a working example that uses custom handler in the net.
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