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I have some updates on that subject - could be usefull for somobedy...

1. In opus arexx manual ("custom handlers: active" section) it says that cache is taking the name from liser's title and if it is empty/not set then from lister's path.
That is not true - lister's title has nothing to do with the cache's name - only PATH is important.

2. Unfortunately LISTER FINDCACHE, when successful, closes my port for custom handlers!! (same as LISTER EMPTY)
In other words: if custom cache is found and displayed the port is closed.


This is crazy.
Looks like it's not LISTER FINDCACHE responsible for closing the port. That command, when the cache is found, replaces the string in lister's path - when the string is replaced the port closes.
But...there is a workaround
Add few extra lines to the script that will take care of "path" event - just put a dummy command between them and the port stays open.

So there is still a hope ...

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