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Well... just now but anyway I don't fully understand it.

Maybe let me describe what I'm trying to do so it will be easier to get the answer if it is going to work or not.

- I have a clean lister.
- I add few entries to it (Lister Addstem ...) and set them as folders.
- I assign right click menu for each item and double click action (to behave like a normal folder when double clicked)
- that lister has a custom title (so the cache name can take its name)

Now, when "a folder" is double clicked:
-the lister gets cleared
-the lister's title is set to folder's name
-the lister is being populated with new entries (type "file"), the entries are read from file
-each entry has a menu assigned to it and double click action

Because the whole operation of setting up all the item takes quite long I was hopping there would be some cache in the memory so I could use it next time I enter the same folder.

- I'm at the root level (the one with folders) and now I double click one of them.
Dopus reads all the items that should be displayed - it takes about 43sec for 800 entries.

-Once the lister is filled out with new items I go back to root level.

-When the root level is alredy displayed in the lister I double click the folder I just came from ... and it takes again ~40sec --->>> here I hoped some cache would take over and immediately give me the folder's content.

Could be that i'm doing here something wrong and it will never work that way


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