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I have a 18GB SCSI disk. I installed it into a GVP Series II (4.15) with 8MB RAM, used the HDToolBox from the 2.1 install disk to partition it. One large partition spanning the entire drive.

I installed a genuine registered PFS3DS onto the RDB, 0x50465303.

Then I moved the disk to the PC, UAEHF unit 0. Formatted, installed WB2.1 on there. After that I deleted PFS3DS from the RDB, installed pfs3aio test3 in its place with the same dostype.

I rebooted the emulator, still works fine. Killed the emulator, restarted from this disk, still works fine.

Now I moved the disk back to the GVP and:
Read Error 0 on block 3404
Make sure disk is inserted

Read Error 6 on block 12522
Make sure disk is inserted

Device IDH0:
Could not read rootblock extension

Device IDH0:
Wrong index block id X, expected X, Block 0, 21314, 16255690 (not sure if this continues offscreen, Topaz/9)

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