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Originally Posted by AMIGAZ View Post
Just check on the chip itself.
Is the term. resistor packs still mounted on the motherboard for terminating the SCSI connector at the back?

Can't remember if you can shut of the SCSI stuff thru the SCSI settings in the A3000 nvram...

Was some time ago I fiddled with my A3000 settings..hardware, but I started her up for the first time a week ago after being stored for 2 years
I didn't get any disks with it and I don't know how you go about changing the SCSI settings in NVRAM!
I assuming you get a disk with a program on it that can do that sort of thing!?!

As the A3000 was given to me, I kind of doubt that the term. resistor packs will be there, but not 100% sure.

To be brutally honest, I'm tempted to stick my spare Buddha IDE in and use an IDE drive ..... I know how to use IDE properly is offline  
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