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Just got an A3000, need help with SCSI HDD and CD-ROM

Hello all,

I've just got myself an Amiga 3000 with 12MB RAM and 120MB HDD.
The internal 120MB drive is working, and the A3000 boots up happily into Workbench 2.1
I was given a known working 2GB SCSI HDD too, which I want to put in the A3000 (and take the 120MB out) but the A3000 just will not recognise it.
The drive is configured to SCSI ID 4 (I think) and has been tested in my old PC (which has SCSI card) and it works in that, but HDToolBox doesn't even recognise it, nor does third party utils (HDInstTools). Any ideas?
The drive is a Seagate Barracuda.

Also, another issue. I have four different eternal SCSI CD-ROMs, one of which is a definate known worker (it works on my A1200 with Squirrel SCSI PCMCIA card) but yet again, not detected by the A3000 at all! Any ideas?
My known working one I have tried on SCSI ID 0 and the other settings up to SCSI ID 6 (although the internal HDD is SCSI ID 6 so didn't expect it to work on 6)
I've tried with and without a terminator connected but still no joy!

I'm running out of ideas and started to get frustrated! is offline  
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