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Scans for Hall of Light



Just got a scanner and scanned in the following games:

Operation Harrier (Code Wheel / Manual F/B)
Trolls Manual (Front)
Toki Manual (Front / Back)
Colonel's Bequest (Map Front / Back & Magnifying Glass)
Road Warrior Manual (Front / Back)
Barbarian TUW Alt Box scan (Front / Back)
Batman the Movie (1 disk ver) Manual (Front)
Capcom Collection Manual (Front / Back)
E-Motion Manual (Front / Back)
Prehistorik Quickstart Card + Manual (Front / Back)
Microprose Golf (Various scans)
MasterBlazer Manual (Front / Back)
Foundations Waste Manual (Front / Back)
PGA Tour Golf Manual (Front / Back)
Hound of the Shadow (Various Scan)
Buck Rodgers C.T.DD (Datacard F/B)
Captain Fizz Manual (1 Sided)
Mathtalk Manual (Front / Back)
Robocop 2 Manual (Front / Back)
Ocean Action Pack (2 scans)

These scans are on the hol ftp site under >Jordan Smith<

Please tell me if you need any of these scans redone. If you require the inside of the manuals to be scanned also, please tell me.

Edit: I have scanned some Disks and have added these to the FTP:

Global Trek & Evil Dawn
Ocean Action Pack (All Disks)
Road Raider
Menace (White disk)
Beyond the Ice Palace
The Big 100 Pack Screenshots & Disk Scans
Terry's Big Adventure
Robocop 2
Quest for Glory II 1 disk
Danger Freak

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