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Ok, upon reflection, I think it's unnecessary option, but I thought about it, because I built modded Gotek for friend, send it to him, he mount it inside Atari ST, and now he ask me for possibility of change encoder's directions. I soldered encoder without checking directions, because I didn't know some encoders are with swapped pinout.

I post it here to note everyone that some encoders are swapped, so You must check them while You mount them.

I thought maybe there are more people who want to swap direction without opening Gotek, especially if it is mounted inside computer or other device. I just though maybe it's good idea with simple additional option, but if not, then no problem and I'm sorry for confusion - on the other hand it's probably one time operation to swap two cables.
Ok, Kaffer, if no one want it, then don't do it, and forget about it:-)
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