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Weird Aweb Problem

I'm getting the following message using the new version of Aweb:

"Software Failure"
Program failed (error #8000000B).
Wait for disk activity to finish.
[Suspend] [Reboot]

I can load local pages ok but any external pages bring up that error. It looks like the same problem as but that was fixed by changing some 040 libs which is not relevant to me as using 68030.

Tried disabling everything in WB startup and disabling P96 but doesnt help. Also tried turning images, cookies and javascript off. Machine is very stable apart from that..


GVP Combo 030 with 12 meg ram
4 meg 16 bit ram
OS 3.9
GVP Spectrum RTG
SCSI Hardrive and CD

Any ideas?

PS the new GUI for Aweb looks pretty cool from what i can see
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