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Even without a TF328 the CD32 is the BEST Amiga to play games on.

- Making your own compilation discs isn't hard and a disc can fit a TON.
- Lots of games work fine without the need for extra RAM, many times you can even preload them fully in RAM.
- The better controller with more buttons is well supported and greatly enhances many old games via new WHDLoad installs
- It's compact and meant to go under your TV set, alongside other consoles.
- It can basically play all games out there for the Amiga.

I think that back when it came out, backlash against it was understood (bad marketing, overlaps A1200 too much, no killer apps) but nowadays with distance and hindsight, you cannot say it isn't a fantastic Amiga machine if games are your thing, and if you can bag one, you'd be making no mistake.

Problem with the current populartity rise is obvious: prices have spiked. I bought my kit for 70-ish quid some years ago from an EAB member and I was very happy with it ever since.

I have stopped playing games on my regular Amigas, I only use the CD32.
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