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Originally Posted by spiff View Post
The VR problem of headaches/puking can be mostly be solved, the basic problems is pretty much the same as seasickness. Motion not being consistent with what we see and the brain interprets as the actual motion.
I am sure that motion has something to do with feeling sick (the absence of momentum compared to what you eyes are visualising). HOWEVER when I researched VR in 1998 at University, the biggest problem associated with VR systems, and the one attributed to feeling sick had to do with focal planes. (The second biggest was peripheral vision or rather the lack of it).

In the real world 3D scene the eyes can change focal length many times a minute as you look at things around a room at different distances. In VR it is a fixed focal length.

Some work was done on focal length for video games, they realised (something that most people knew for a long time!) that you need depth cueing for a realistic look (i.e. things in the foreground & background need to be out of focus). But it still has a fixed focal length.

It would require a camera or something to monitor a person's eye and change the focal length appropriately.

Or perhaps some new 3D monitor technology that could emmit light in such a way that the eye could focus naturally.

There was this hard limit known as "66 minute limit" that was the maximum length of time anyone had been able to use a VR simulator without puking. I'd have to check but I think this limit probably still exists today?

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