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Just a quick update as I've had a few PM's, the files I uploaded were a sort of snapshot of a work in progress, they aren't finished. I'd like to perfect it as much as possible and test it out before releasing the files again.

I'm currently manually routing the power again as it seems to give autorouting a hernia, I'm doing it a bit more accurately this time like I recently did the components. When I started laying out the A600 originally it was very much a learning process for me and after doing the A1200 I've become a bit better so I pretty much redid the A600 layout. I'll finish manually routing the power/polishing over the next few days and then resend the files to hese so he can look over the schematics and maybe check layout aspects when he has finished all of his work, once the schematics are checked and external connectors look okay in terms of alignments it should be nearly good to go with a bit of autorouting. If hese wants to be a guinea pig and maybe sell some PCB's as a thanks for helping me he has first dibs otherwise I'll have to arrange something myself.

Here it is as of right now:

It probably looks much the same as before but it should be a bit more accurate now and I'm somewhat of a perfectionist so I feel better about it.

It's not a 100% identical reproduction but it's close enough for me and in terms of functionality it should be identical with the added bonus of the newer DAC that doesn't need the external band-pass filters and delay lines.

edit: the A600 keyboard chip is still a big problem for anyone looking to build from scratch, I think it would be better if you could use the A1200 one (is it possible?) as they're more readily available, it's beyond my ability though...

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