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Originally Posted by Stedy View Post
Yep But considerably less educational.

You should read my detailed guide on all this:

The top end power figure for an Amiga with PPC 7400/7410 + PCI motherboard and Zorro cards is around 150W. Clearly any reasonable, low wattage PSU will work. An A1200 with 68060, HDDs and SCSI card needs 16W,

I'll add the A4000+PPC 7400 power figures to the guide soon.

By the way, what was the power rating printed on the label of your PSU?

Thanks for the Reply and yes this is more Educational and fun

so your Guide will tell me how to How to fix my problem and what Resistor I need ?

I think this is what you asked for Its a 500w And Orange +3.3v 26A Red +5v 27A yellow +12v 22A Blue -12V 0.5A purple +5VSB 2.0A Black ground Green Ps-on Grey pw-ok

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