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Oh puh-leeeeze! Unless he has deleted the post(s), he stated several times in the past that the reason for the delay of the ftp's was that he would be running them from CD ROM's and he was waiting for a new CD to arrive before this could happen. Now, he has had enough time to download several CD's worth of data on a 2400 baud modem since this was promised, but that's another story.

What I am wondering is how someone can delete the files from his CD archive. Possibly CD-RW? Hehehehe...gimme a break. Man, that sure didn't last long. Who could have delete privs on a CD even if run from the HD? Why would someone be given delete privs anyhow? And how would they be able to also delete the logs? Oh....the site was 'hacked'! Haven't we heard this story before? Hackers were waiting until the day his ftp went live and managed to get in there and delete everything. Right. If it's a 'minor setback and little or no impact', why would this not be something that could happen every single day of the ftp's being online. If this story is true, it sounds like an insecure ftp and could never function if he has this kind of enemies who could wipe him out in mere hours after going online.

And if anyone really has enemies of this calibre, then that says loads about your 'popularity'...

Man, I have heard some far-fetched stuff before, but this one is the most un-convincing rubbish I have seen since "the ftp's are the main priority"! And then trying to put the blame on people trying to stop him? Maybe it was one of his enemies...maybe one of us!!!

I guess when you host a ghost town, you have lots of time to think this stuff up. Perhaps this should have been posted to "Unsorted Nonsence" (sic)... If I am wrong and this is all true, it still raises a whole bunch of questions that just don't really seem to add up. Call me a cynic...
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