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This thread reminds me of an old "lost computers" article I wrote about this machine a few years back. I was feeling nostalgic at the time after remembering the great RiscOS:

It ended up going a little off topic and people started talking about the Atari Falcon! That machine was going to be my next article and Akira was going to write one on the Sharpe x68000. Never happened though. Oh well.

About the Falcon - some interesting stuff in that thread. Take a look at the never released prototype Micro 040 Falcon design - it looked like a PS2!

Fred: Yeah, you're right. I comment on the gaming aspect back in that article. Shame really - a few custom chips like the Amiga or hardware like the Sharpe x68000 and it really could have been something special!

AmigaHope: Never seen a Xenomorph for the Archie, sorry.
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