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Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
Hmmmm... There's no button mapping done by that cable - in 2-button mode, pin 6 is button 1 (B on the MD pad) and pin 9 is button 2 (C on the MD pad). If button 2 isn't working, check the connection between them. Measure the voltage of the pin at the Amiga side if possible, it should be close to 5V by default and should drop to 0V when button C is pressed.

Have you included the diodes in your cable? They're primarily for protection of the C64 and aren't strictly necessary on the Amiga. I have found that it works fine on the A1200, but given that the button 2 input is an analogue input being used to detect a digital signal, its characteristics might change slightly from machine to machine, and the diode might be enough to upset it in some cases. Try remove / bypass the diode to pin 9 and see if that helps.

All six diode included in this cable and try to remove diode D6 is ok?
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