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Super League 2021: Round 3 - Cast Your Votes

Welcome to the vote for the game we will be playing in round 3.

Franchise Games Vote

This is the first themed round of the year. Please only vote for official games that are part of a series with at least two releases on the Amiga. Data disks and expansions do not count as a release but could still be played if part of a series.

To get some ideas you can search the Lemon Amiga database using the advanced search for games with a relationship of has a precursor/sequel. Or look at the Hall of Light relationship categories is a precursor to and is a sequel to. You can of course narrow the lists further by other categories.

This vote ends at 23:59 (UK Time) on Saturday 13th February 2021.
  • Vote for up to 5 games and rank them 1st - 5th.
  • Please choose games suitable for competition play.
  • If a game has ECS and AGA versions, state your preference. ECS is default.
  • Each vote for a game gives it 10 points.
  • Edited votes will not be counted.
  • Take a look at the Lemon Amiga voting choices HERE.
These previously played games cannot be voted for:

2020 R13: Wings of Death
2020 R13: Desert Strike
2020 R12: World Games
2020 R11: Cannon Fodder
2020 R07: The Spy Who Loved Me
2020 R06: Battle Squadron
2020 R02: Turrican
2020 R01: Shadow of the Beast III
2020 R01: Hybris
2019 R12: Pro Tennis Tour 2
2019 R09: PGA European Tour
2019 R08: Shadow of the Beast II
2019 R07: Treasure Island Dizzy
2019 R05: Turrican 3
2019 R04: Shadow of the Beast
2018 R13: James Pond: Underwater Agent
2018 R12: Speedball 2
2018 R12: Sensible World of Soccer '94
2018 R10: PGA Tour Golf

Super League updates available via Twitter.

Everyone is welcome to vote, play, and chat at anytime.
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