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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen
It isn't that easy, length of textbox is unknown and font is non-proportional. I guess it is possible but I am quite sure it is something I don't even want to know..

Removing paths: what about users who have identically named files in multiple directories. (for example, can happen when testing adfs)
I personally don't see the problem. At the moment if you have any files inside your "My Documents" folder, the drop down list is almost unusable. Why not just put in the file without any path at all so it's just the filename. If that item already exists in the listbox, add the path or a shortened version of the path by comparing where it differs from any existing entry. eg:

c:\documents and settings\codetapper\my documents\winuae\hunter.adf

The bottom one would be first so goes in as Hunter.adf.

Then you hit f:\amiga\backup\games\Hunter.adf and it detects that the filename Hunter.adf is already in the list. So it only puts in the different parts. So it would appear as say f:\amiga\...\Hunter.adf.

Then you hit the top one, and you can put in something like c:\...\Hunter.adf

Any shortening of the path would be a great improvement imho...

or how about this?

Put the entries in with the filename FIRST, then the path at the end, preferably indented/tabbed etc?

Hunter.adf   c:\documents and settings\
Hunter.adf   f:\amiga\games\
Hunter.adf   f:\backup\amiga\games
That would be really good as the filename is the important bit, and if there are multiple games with the same filename you then check the secondary part, the path?
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