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I used BitmaptoWindow+Blit - no luck, same as before.

,0 at the end of LoadBitmap/SaveBitmap solved the problem with wrong palette after SaveBitmap - now the saved image has the same color - Thanks !!

But I still do not know what is going on here, why the display in the window is corrupted at my side ...
... my WB is a clean install from floppies + Opus5 + almost nothing else...

The last thing I could do was to resave my original image - I used this time artPro: just loaded the old one (800x600x4col) and scaled to 320x256 (also changed display ID to LoRES) and saved it.
Didn't help - for the first start of the program there was one big white square in the window so I almost jumped out of chair but next and next and next time it was all broken like before.

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