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For now I only checked SaveBitmap and already can see something strange is going on:

- my original picture is all white with the palette order: gary(set as background), black, white, blue.
- I can open that picture in multiview/ vissage/dPaint/pPaint/adPro and I see white everywhere

- now I use SaveBitmap 0,"ram.test.iff"
- I open that new picture in multiview and .. there is no white color at all - everything is gray (same in adPro)
- I open it in vissage/dPaint/pPaint - all is fine - white color everywhere

Just resaved the main pic in pPaint (before I used dPaint for painting) - but it didn't help - same problem...

So for now I need to solve that problem with vanishing white color ...

something is messing up the colors (on the left original picture, on the right after SaveBitmap, both displayed in Multiview):

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