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Originally Posted by ppill
That's how I would do it:
vdisk.device and loadmodule to make it(the device) survive a reboot (you can use it to boot from later just by assigning a higher priority than that of DF0: or accesing the boot menu and selecting it -- vdisk.device HAS to be the best RAD: replacement available, period).
compactflash.device and another device to mount a file (HDF with a pre-installed system on it) as a normal drive(can't remember its name).
fat95 filesystem.
And a moveSYS command(a little program that reassign things like libs: c: l: to another drive)

The boot process would look sth like this

booting from floppy

make the vdisk.device resident with loadmodule

mounting a RAD: like device and copying compactflash.device and the 'file.device' together with the necessary mountlists to it


if you set the boot priority in the RAD:'s mountlist to 8 it would boot of it without having to remove the floppy disk.

The startup-sequence sitting in RAD: would simply mount the CFdisk with the HDF, mount the file as a drive and issue the moveSYS command and continue to load data(libs, fonts, handlers etc.) from that file/drive.

Should work (sorry for all this being a bit chaotic but you get the idea)

I don't have the hardaware to test this though
These speculations have materialised in the form of ClassicWB packages that can be booted from HDF files sitting on a FAT formatted CF card. Check this thread for details and here for links to the files.
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