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cd32 fmv emulation problem

Hi Toni,
strangely the fmv video are blacks using cd32+fmv quickstart mode, i still have the sound but no display. Tested with 3.6 3.6.1b2 and 3.6b4 (same results)
But it works well if i load my old uae config file that i did long ago.
Tested with the amiga cd32 "demo disc 2" packed with the cd32 when i bought it.
my config file attached.
I'll posts more details or logs if needed.
ps: did you notice that the music is a little choppy ??? There is a chop perhaps after 20 sec after you launch the video, and each 10 sec after the rest of the clip, it'sn't too strong but enough to be noticed. It did it since the first fmv support in winuae.Like it didn't seem to be a priority i delayed the report.
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