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RawInput enumeration after "on the fly " screenswitch causing audio/video hickup

I'm running into an issue where the sound / video has a noticable glitch/hickup after a "on the fly" screenswitch (configured with displaydata).

Looking deeper into it, the cause seems to be a full rawinput device enumeration occuring after each screenswitch. So screenswitch finishes and a fraction of a second later full rawinput enumeration gets logged at the same time the audio/video hickup occurs.

I tried to create a "simple" testcase which you can replicate on LED display, using 1080p / 1080i on the fly switching, tested with both NVidia and iGPU.


I've been testing with the demo "Big Time Sensuality" from Axis, as it does a series of progressive/lace switchings during the beginning of the demo.

There's an interesting difference between using iGPU or NVidia, and additionally for iGPU a difference between version 3.0.0 and 3.1.0 onwards.

iGPU with WinUAE 3.4.0.b17
after -every- screenswitch a full rawinput enumeration occurs:

46-777 [101 000-000]: RawInput enumeration..
46-777 [101 000-000]: RAWINPUT: found 11 devices
[snip long list of devices..]

Nvidia with 3.4.0.b17
When using NVidia card both the audio/video hickup and the rawinput enumeration after a screenswitch do -not- occur.

iGPU with WinUAE v3.0.0 and 3.1.0 onwards
For the iGPU the issue does not occur in version 3.0.0. It starts occuring from 3.1.0 onwards.

Please see attached logs. Since this device enumeration on iGPU seems to be the cause for the audio video glitch/hickup after each switch, hopefully there a solution for it (or possibly the 3.0.0 behaviour re-enabled).
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