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Is there a favoured WinUAE for an Atom pc?

I am running XP SP2, 2gb memory and a 1.6ghz Atom - Nvidia ION Chipset and the latest WinUAE.

I have Protracker 3.11 on an A1200 config with K3.1, 2mb chip and 64mb fast, 68030. Sound is choppy and a bit laggy. Stuck with on-board realtek sound. I have tried loads of things from changing the buffer, lowering the quality. But it still stutters alot...

I have turned VSync off after reading a thread on here about it. I shall try some older WinuUAE's and see what works. Any tips? I will not be changing the board yet... unless I find something that is more powerfull but lack of funds means that wont happen yet!
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