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Originally Posted by dJOS View Post
Hi Jens, but you said the fast mem on the aca500 was the issue did you not? If yes, then remove it as I suggested and you can sell the aca500 to anyone wanting to put any accelerator into their 500.

Maybe im misunderstanding your explanation.
Yes, that's a misunderstanding: Fastmem on the ACA500 cannot be removed. The Blizzard 1230-IV will boot if the SIMM on that card is removed. That is: If you have a B1230-IV with 16M SIMM, you must remove the 16M in order to not execute the ROM code that bugs with the A500.

The 2M Fastmem of the ACA500 come in handy at that point, but the 50MHz 68030 is hardly any faster than the 14MHz 68000 due to it's memory speed.

Further, the ACA500 ROM is not visible to the Blizzard at all, so key functions of the card won't be available until some software is booted. One of these key functions is to boot from CF even if you only have Kick1.2.

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