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Originally Posted by paul1981 View Post
I'm eagerly awaiting the ACA500. I have a spare A1200 040 turbo board that needs to get some use. I think there will be many people who will put their spare A1200 accelerator cards into this. So here's hoping it'll work with Apollo's and Blizzard's etc.
Newsflash from the development lab: Blizzard accelerators don't work. They use a ROM start is launched very early in the startup-process, and the ACA500 can't do anything about that. It appears like the B1230-IV doesn't like something of the A500 and crashes if fastmem is installed. It works if you remove the SIMM, but that's not a really usable configuration.

Since other Blizzard accelerators also use a $f0 ROM, it is highly unlikely that they will work. So far, only ACA1231 and ACA1232 work. The ACA1230 doesn't work due to syncronisation problems (that I probably won't be able to resolve) and the ACA1220 currently also does not work (caution: This is not permanent, but just a development snapshot).

Apollo 1240/1260 have a design fault in 16-bit accesses, and the ACA500 is 16-bit all over, so that fails "by design". What may work is Apollo 020/030 accelerators, but I don't have any working samples of those.

Syncronous designs like M-Tec will most likely not work due to the same syncronisation trouble that I have with the ACA1230.

Originally Posted by paul1981 View Post
Also, I like the ACA500 spec as it has a real IDE port. The new kipper2k RAM/IDE that is coming out soon is a CF Card only one I think (correct me if I'm wrong?), and I'd really like a real large capacity fast HDD to go with my turbocard.
I'm sorry to report that I have removed the IDE port from the current concept. CF cards grow at Moore's law, and you can already fit all the Aminet CDs on one CF-card. It won't take long until we have the first CF card that exceeds the size of all available Amiga software. What's the current size of back2roots? I think it's around 1TB, right?

I'm currently working on a full re-design of the ACA500, because the current mechanical concept has failed the "installation by girlfriend" test.

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