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Originally Posted by tommywright View Post
Hey Mr. Frode! Hope you are well. If you are still working on fs-uae I had a small issue recently.

I'm using some real Amiga hardware (an A600 case and keyboard) to run Linux and fs-uae. I'm also using an old-school CRT at 1024 x 768 resolution. Fs-uae does not fit on the screen! There is plenty of white space for it to compact to this size but it does not seem to resize itself properly. I have to take it out of maximized window and pan across the window to set certain settings and Start the Amiga.

Also, there is no F12 key on this keyboard. It would be super nice to have an option to change that key to something else or even change it to a combo of keys.

Well thanks for the great software anyway and maybe some things to think about for a future release.
Not sure if you figured it out already since I see no response.. but for the record I will add a response for anyone else searching

Try adding the following rows under the advanced settings or in the host.fs-uae:

keyboard_key_ctrl_m = action_menu

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