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Here's what has been uploaded so far. The directory name is listed then what is in the directory.

\Club Toaster
Club Toaster Issue 1
Club Toaster Issue 2
Club Toaster Issue 3
Club Toaster Issue 4
Club Toaster Issue 5
Club Toaster Issue 6
Club Toaster Issue 7
Club Toaster Issue 8
Club Toaster Issue 9
Club Toaster Issue 10
Club Toaster Issue 11
Club Toaster Issue 12
Club Toaster Issue 13
Club Toaster Issue 14
Club Toaster Issue 15
Club Toaster Issue 16

For whatever reason, the Club Toaster CDs don't read / burn very well with ImgBurn. It doesn't seem to like the ones that have audio and data (the ones with .bin extension). I used AnyBurn to image all of the CDs and then burned them to verify a good copy. It runs quickly, without any hiccups, and is free and easy to use. You can get it at


This is documentation like books that isn't part of a software or hardware package.

\Documentation\Books\Alan Chan
Photoreal FX in Lightwave
Power FX Addendum 5 0 Alan Chan

\Documentation\Books\Dan Ablan
Lightwave Power Guide by Dan Ablan Companion CD

\Documentation\Books\John Skeel
Inside Aegis Animator by John Skeel

\Documentation\Books\Merrill Callaway
The ARexx Cookbook Deluxe Set Disk II
The ARexx Reference Disk A Complete ARexx Language Reference in Amigaguide hypertext format

\Documentation\Books\Positron Publishing
Mastering Toaster Technology Disk 1
Mastering Toaster Technology Disk 2

These are things like advertisements and catalogs.

Art Department Professional advertisement
ASDG Product Listing
CygnusED and Dual Serial Board
Morph Plus advertisement
True Print/24 advertisement
T-REXX Professional Advertisement and Spec Sheet

DevWare product line advertisement

\Documentation\Ephemera\Dimension Technologies
Dimension Technologies product line advertisement

\Documentation\Ephemera\Visual Inspirations
Merlin's Software Advertisement

\Documentation\Software\Joe Tracy
Flyer Mastery CD ROM
Joe Tracy's Flyer Mastery Guide Version 2



\Hardware\Allen Avionics
Allen Avionics TDL487 documentations and specifications

\Hardware\Digital Processing Systems
DPS Personal TBC IV User Manual March 96 Revision 1.4
DPS RC 2000 Personal Series Remote Control manual
Personal TBC IV 2.2 floppy

Deneb manual

\Hardware\Eagle Computers
Eagle 4001T manual

Mediator PCI 3/4000T manual (don't know why Elbox doesn't have this on their support page)

Siamese System Manual in English and German

Retina 1.2.adf
Retina 2.3.adf
Toccata 1.1.adf

ChromaKey+ Users Guide

Video Toaster and Flyer Developer Documentation

\Hardware\phase 5
CyberStorm PPC manual German and English

\Hardware\Videtech International
Vidtech Scanlock VSL-1-N Owners Manual
Vidtech VideoMaster Advertisement
Vidtech VideoMaster Data and Configuration Sheets


\Multimedia Resources
This folder has things like fonts, backgrounds, models, clips and also magazine CDs. Basically resources to use in other multimedia software.

3000 JPEG Textures.iso
520 Photoreal Seamless Textures.iso
Airships Volume II Turbo Silver.adf
Multimedia Backdrops.iso
Nexus Pro Multimedia Reference Library.iso
World Of Sound.iso

\Multimedia Resources\Aloha Fonts
eclips Electronic Clip Art for the Professional manual

\Multimedia Resources\Antic Software
City Icons Volume I NYC Sculpt 3D Models

\Multimedia Resources\Better Concepts
Clip Art and Fonts CD.iso

\Multimedia Resources\Blue Line Systems

SCALA PLUG IN cover and instructions

\Multimedia Resources\Cloanto
The Kara Collection 3 0.iso

\Multimedia Resources\Digital Soundstage
Space Wars Digital Effects Kit.iso
Space Wars Digital Effects Kit manual

\Multimedia Resources\Exodus Multimedia
FireCD manual
FireCD Serial# FCD00508

\Multimedia Resources\Joes First Company
\Multimedia Resources\Joes First Company\Volume V Family Images
Volume V Family Images Disk 1 - 10
Volume V Family Images manual

\Multimedia Resources\Kara Computer Graphics
Headlines SubHeads HeadLines2 manual.pdf
KARA FONTS Disk 1 Cast Marble Wood.adf
KARA FONTS Disk 2 Brick, Chrome Column Granite.adf
KARA FONTS Disk 3 Bevel Chisel Chisel Serif Granite.adf
KARA FONTS Headlines 4 Disk 1 Gothic Serif.adf
KARA FONTS Headlines 4 Disk 2 Roman Extrude.adf
KARA FONTS Headlines 4 Disk 3 Chisel Script Roman.adf
KARA FONTS Headlines 4 Disk 4 Brushed.adf

\Multimedia Resources\Light ROM
Light ROM 6 Disk 1.iso
Light ROM 6 Disk 2 ABombROM.iso
Light ROM 6 Disk 3 Textures.iso
Light ROM 6 Disk 4 Backdrop.iso
Light ROM 6 Manual.pdf

\Multimedia Resources\Magazine CDs
Lightwavin Issue 5.iso

\Multimedia Resources\Micro R and D
Volume 3 Publishers Companion.iso

\Multimedia Resources\ProDad
Creative Impulse Vol 1 by ProDAD.iso
Creative Impulse Vol 1 by ProDAD Cover and Manual
Creative Impulse Vol 2 by ProDAD.iso
Creative Impulse Vol 2 by ProDAD Manual

\Multimedia Resources\Visual Inspirations
road signs.scp
Road Signs for LightWave do not run installer copy objects and scenes manually.adf
Road Signs for LightWave manual

This is unfortunately the PC version and not the Amiga one. Best option is to open the adf and copy the scenes and objects to the folders on your hard drive. Do NOT run the installer. It's a PC program and won't work on an Amiga. Read the manual. These objects are single sided polygons to speed up rendering. If the back side will be seen, the manual gives directions to do that.



Aegis Pro Motion manual
Modeler 3D manual

\Software\Andy and Graham Dean
ImageStudio 2 Disk 1 & 2

Art Department Professional Version 2.1.5 Patch Disk.adf
Art Department Professional Version 2 User Manual Dec 14 1992 Sixth Printing
MorphPlus User Manual June 22 93 Third Printing
ProCONTROL Batch Processing Frontend for Art Department and MorphPlus.adf
Professional Conversion Pack 2.3.0B for Art Department Pro.adf
Professional Conversion Pack 2.3 for Art Department Pro.adf
Professional Conversion Pack 2.5 for Art Department Pro.adf
Professional Conversion Pack User Manual March 9 1993 Fifth Printing
T REXX Professional 2.1.4 Disk 1 - 5 Serial Number 00-132-835-204

\Software\Asimware Innovations
AsimCDFS Version 3 Serial Number v3-342-00373.adf
Audio Thunder MasterCD.iso

\Software\Axiom Software
WaveMaker 1.0 User Manual

\Software\A Plus Development
AutoPaint manual.pdf

\Software\Beilschmidt and Dorn
XiPaint 4.0.iso
XiPaint 4.0 Manual

\Software\Byte by Byte
Sculpt 3D manual

\Software\Commodore Business Machines
Amiga Vision Professional Guided Tour
Amiga Vision Professional Users Guide

Cross DOS 4.02a.adf
Cross DOS 4.02a Manual edition 5
Cross DOS Gold Version 7.adf
Cross DOS Gold Version 7 manual

\Software\Crestline Software Publishing
Humanoid Human Animation Designer Serial Number 2516.adf
Humanoid Human Animation Designer User Manual

Crouton Tools 1.1 Installation Guide
Crouton Tools 1.1 January 1994 manual
Crouton Tools 1.1 March 1994 Addendum
Toaster Toolkit 4000 Manual
Toaster Toolkit 4000

Wordworth 7.01 Update floppy
Wordworth 7 manual
Wordworth 7 Serial# 3500181.iso

\Software\Digital Creations
Brilliance Version 2.0 Users Guide

\Software\Dimension Technologies
Composite Studio Professional 2.iso (no registration or crack required. Dimension Technologies did not implement copy protection on the CD releases)
Composite Studio Professional 2 manual
Fly FX manual
Fly FX Volume 1
Fly FX Volume 2
Fly FX Volume 3
QuickBrush 4000
Wipe Studio manual

\Software\Discreet FX
Scary FX by DiscreetFX.iso

Sample Wrench manual
Sample Wrench V 3.0 Serial# 296012301
Wrench Extras
Wrench Sounds Serial# 296012301

\Software\Eagle Tree Software
Helm Reference Manual

\Software\Electronic Arts
DeluxePaint III Quick Reference
DeluxePaint IV Art Disk 1.adf
DeluxePaint IV Art Disk 2.adf
DeluxePaint IV Program Disk.adf
DeluxePaint IV user manual
DeluxeVideo III Bonus Utilities Disk manual
DeluxeVideo III Manual
DeluxeVideo Post Production Kit manual
Deluxe PhotoLab Manual

Tornado3D 1 5.iso

\Software\Fuller Computer Systems
Project D 1.1 manual

\Software\Gold Disk
Professional Draw Version 3.0 Disk 1 Serial# AM 65409.adf
Professional Draw Version 3.0 Disk 2 Serial# AM 65409.adf

GVP Cinemorph manual
GVP ImageFX manual

\Software\Haage and Partner
AE-Collection Plugins.iso
AmigaWriter V2.2 Serial Number: AW/00M-4i084-0eK0.iso
ArtEffect V4.iso

\Software\Heifner Communications
PEGGER Version 1.0 Users Manual
PEGGER Version 2 Serial Number 21 101251.adf
PEGGER Version 2.0 Updates and Changes manual

Amiga Zip Jaz Tools manual.pdf
IBrowse 1.12a Disk 1.adf
IBrowse 1.12a Disk 2.adf
IBrowse 1.12a Disk 3.adf
Zip Jaz Tools.adf

CanDo 2.51 Examples and Utilities Serial# CD2000010957.adf
CanDo 2.51 Extras Serial# CD2000010957.adf
CanDo 2.51 Installation Disk Serial# CD2000010957.adf
CanDo 3.0 Disk 2 Serial# 10003831.adf
CanDo 3.0 Disk 3 Serial# 10003831.adf
CanDo 3.0 Disk 4 Serial# 10003831.adf
CanDo 3.0 Installation Disk Serial# 10003831.adf
CanDo Patch 3.0005.adf
CanDo Patch 3.0007.adf

Montage PostScript Module Version 1.0.adf

\Software\JDK Images
Pro Video Plus Data Disk.adf
Pro Video Plus Program Disk.adf
Pro Video Plus Program Disk Update.adf

\Software\JEK Graphics
Pro Fills 2.0 Volume 1 manual

\Software\KludgeCode Software
TREXX Professional 1.02.adf

Lattice Amiga C Compiler 3.10 Disk 1 of 2 Serial AM01.adf
Lattice Amiga C Compiler 3.10 Disk 2 of 2 Serial AM01.adf
Text Management Utilities 1.01B Serial AM03.adf

\Software\Legacy Maker
PanCanvas 2.adf
Pan Canvas 2 Manual and FAQ

MovieShop 3.6 Disk 1.adf
MovieShop 3.6 Disk 2.adf
Samplitude MD for Maestro Pro and Toccata 3.00.adf
VDPaint 2.7.adf

\Software\Matrix Productions
PRO WIPES Version 3
PRO WIPES Version 3 manual
Pro Wipes Volume II

\Software\Matrix Productions\Version3a
Pro Wipes 3.0 Volume 1

FractalPro Image Library by MegageM.iso
VideoGems by MegageM.iso

\Software\Motion Studios
Fantastic Dreams CD Serial Number 73521915070042283.iso
Fantastic Dreams Install Disk.adf

Digiview 4.01.adf
LightWave3D 4 CD
LightWave3D Version 5 Upgrade Serial# 0001000069.iso
Video Toaster 4.2 and Flyer.iso

\Software\Nova Design
ImageFX 2.0 Big Black Manual
ImageFX 2.1a Manual Addendum
ImageFX 2.1 Manual Addendum
ImageFX 2.6 Manual Addendum
Millenium manual
MVT1 Millenium Install.iso
MVT2 Millenium Disk2.iso
MVT3 Millenium Disk3.iso

I wanted to break down what is on the Millennium CDs. In case you don't already know, unlike the other software, Millennium is a collection of several programs, not just one.

Here's what is included in Millennium:

Wipe Studio - last version including the Power Module
RenderFX 2.0
Fast Frames 2.0
Control Tower (slightly limited compared to the full 2.0 version which is being uploaded as well)
Pro Mix Tools
CG Pilot macro collection
Electric Scene Knife (automatically detect scenes and make separate clips of each - just don't expect miracles)
Fast Fuel (VTR control using the serial port)
OZ Arexx Routines
Flyer Backup Utility for digital backup of project files
Pics2Clp uses HIIP to import various file types to Flyer clips
Lots of Toaster Wipes, backgrounds, animated image sequences, Flyer clips, and Toaster fonts

While it's assembled as a toolkit for the Flyer, much of the resources are just as useful with a Video Toaster without a Flyer.

Check the directions at the beginning of the manual for installation instructions. The programs can be installed using the standard Installer utility but the additional resources need to be manually copied over. They set it up like this on the assumption that hard drives of the day didn't have the capacity for everything.

PLEASE note the serial number listed in the manual for the Power Module for Wipe Studio. If you don't enter it you'll miss out on a lot of the functionality of Wipe Studio.

SBase Professional 4 Example Disk 1.3N Serial# 10C62016.adf
SBase Professional 4 Program Disk 1.3N Serial# 10C62016.adf

Aussies Short Cuts 1.0 manual
Aussie s Short Cuts.adf
OZware Co Pilot Audio.adf
OZware Co Pilot Audio manual
OZware Co Pilot Video.adf
OZware Co Pilot Video manual

\Software\Positron Publishing
Dynamic Motion Module 1.07 Serial# 100-H-3778.adf
Dynamic Motion Module user manual

\Software\Precision Software
Superbase Professional 4 Examples Disk Version 1.0 Serial# 10C00408.adf
Superbase Professional 4 Program Disk Version 1.0 Serial# 10C00408.adf

Adorage 2.5 Update.adf
Adorage 2.5 Update Serial 0049.adf
Adorage 2.5 Update Serial 1438.adf
Adorage english version 2.5 Upgrade Set Disk 2.adf
Adorage english version 2.5 Upgrade Set Disk 2 Second Copy.adf
Adorage Magic DVE Vol II Movieshop Version.adf
Adorage Magic DVE Vol II Movieshop Version Cover.pdf
CLARISSA Version 3 Professional Disk 1.adf
CLARISSA Version 3 Professional Disk 2.adf

Render FX 0.98 Prerelease Verion manual
Render FX 0.98 Prerelease Verion Serial# 924057.adf

Samplitude MS 3.0 manual
Samplitude Pro II manual

\Software\SAS Institute
SAS C Development System 5.10b Disk 1 - 6

SCALA Multimedia MM200 English manual

Amiga Repair Kit.iso
Amiga Repair Kit cover and registration number
Amiga Repair Kit RDB Salv Registration Number.txt

Final Writer 97 UK Dictionary
Final Writer 97 User Manual Addendum
Final Writer Release 3 User Manual Addendum
Final Writer Release 5 User Manual Addendum
Final Writer User Manual
FW Sampler Disk.adf
FW Sampler Disk manual
Selectafont Compugraphic Fonts Disk 1.adf
Selectafont Compugraphic Fonts Disk 2.adf
Selectafont Compugraphic Fonts Disk 3.adf
Selectafont Pics n Mix Graphics Example Disk.adf
Type 1 Fonts Fonts 1.adf
Type 1 Fonts Fonts 2.adf

\Software\SoftWood\EPSClips Accents
EPSClips Accents Disk 1 - 7

\Software\SoftWood\EPSClips Business 1
EPSClips Business 1 Disk 1 - 5

\Software\SoftWood\EPSClips Business 2
EPSClips Business 2 Disk 1 - 5

\Software\SoftWood\EPSClips Education
EPSClips Education Disk 1 - 6

\Software\SoftWood\EPSClips Holidays
EPSClips Holidays Disk 1 - 6

\Software\SoftWood\EPSClips Sports
EPSClips Sports Disk 1 - 5

\Software\SoftWood\EPSClips Tools
EPSClips Tools Disk 1 of 3.adf
EPSClips Tools Disk 2 of 3.adf
EPSClips Tools Disk 3 of 3.adf

\Software\SoftWood\EPSClips Travel
EPSClips Travel Disk 1 - 12

\Software\Soft Logik Publishing
PageStream 2.22 R#530638 Disk 1.adf
PageStream 2.22 R#530638 Drivers.adf
PageStream 2.22 R#530638 Fonts 1.adf
PageStream 2.22 R#530638 Fonts 2.adf
PageStream 2.22 R#530638 Plus Pack.adf
PageStream 3.0h2 Disk 1 - 7
PageStream 3.0 Disk 1 - 6
typeSMITH 2.0 User Manual
typeSMITH 2.5 Registration# 702344.adf

\Software\Synergy International
Hollywood FX 1.30 manual
HOLLYWOOD fx lite.adf

Digital Universe 1.03.iso

AMI PC Link V4.adf

\Software\Village Tronic
AmiTCPIP Release 4 Version 4.2 Disk 1 of 2.adf
AmiTCPIP Release 4 Version 4.2 Disk 2 of 2.adf
TV Paint 2.0 Dongle Required Art Disk.adf
TV Paint 2.0 Dongle Required Install Disk 1 of 3.adf
TV Paint 2.0 Dongle Required Install Disk 2 of 3.adf
TV Paint 2.0 Dongle Required Install Disk 3 of 3.adf
TV Paint 2.0 manual

\Software\Virtual Reality Laboratories
Distant Suns 4.0 manual
MakePath for Vista and VistaPro.adf
Vistapro 2.0 manual

Visionaire manual

\Software\Visual Inspirations
Batch Factory 2.adf
Control Tower 1.1 Disk 1.adf
Control Tower 1.1 Disk 2.adf
Control Tower Version 2 Disk 1.adf
Control Tower Version 2 Disk 2.adf
Control Tower Version 2 manual
Visualfx for ImageFX manual
Visualfx for Lightwave Update Floppy for Flyer 4.1 Volume One.adf
Visualfx for Lightwave Update Floppy for Flyer 4.1 Volume Two.adf
Visualfx for Lightwave Volume One Transitions.iso
Visualfx for Lightwave Volume Two Transitions.iso

\Software\WK Artworks
WF7 update CD.iso
Wildfire 7.iso
Wildfire 7 16 plus Sets 1 to 4 of MovieShop Operator.iso
Wildfire and MovieShop Operators.iso

\Software\Zuma Group
TV Text.adf
TV Text Version 1.0 manual
TV Text Version Manual Changes and Additions for Version 1.1



\Videos\3 Leaf Productions
Helpful Lightwave Hints Volume 1.mpg

\Videos\Amiga Video Magazine
Amiga Video Magazine April 91.mpg
Amiga Video Magazine Spring 92.mpg

\Videos\Amiga World
Amiga World Desktop Video Volume One.mpg
Amiga World Desktop Video Volume Two.mpg
Amiga World How To Animate Part One.mpg

\Videos\Axiom Software
WaveMaker Motions Elements and Prefabs.mpg

\Videos\Chuck Petropoulos
Me And My Amiga An Introduction.mpg
The Ultimate Amiga Guide to Video Production Volume Two.mpg

\Videos\Commodore Business Machines
Amiga Video.mpg
Amiga Video Insert

\Videos\Corporate Video Inc
Video Toaster Flyer Instructional Video.MPG

\Videos\Dark Horse Productions
Video Toaster QuickStart 2 Tutorial 2.mpg

\Videos\Desktop Images aka Rave Video Production
5 Things You Cant Do With the Toaster And How to Do Them.mpg
Great Toaster Graphics.mpg
Lightwave 3D 4 Advanced Features.mpg
Lightwave 3D Essentials VT4000.mpg
Lightwave Flying Logos.mpg
Pro Flying Logo Techniques.mpg
Studio 16 Professional Audio for Video Techniques.mpg
The Creative Magic Of Ron Thornton Digital FX.iso
The Creative Magic of Ron Thornton Spacecraft Surfacing Techniques.mpg
Video Toaster Flyer Essentials.mpg
Video Toaster Start Up VT4000.mpg

\Videos\Desktop Images aka Rave Video Production\Beta Dealer Demo Copies
These are preproduction versions sent to dealers for promotion. They are not quite final edits so a little bit different from the final production versions. The index scans are in bad shape because they are just papers attached with Scotch tape. I've still got a couple more to digitize.
Lightwave 3D Essentials VT4000 Beta Dealer Demo.mpg
Lightwave 3D VT4000 Camera and Lighting Techniques Beta Dealer Demo.mpg
Lightwave 3D VT4000 Displacement Mapping Morphing and Bones Beta Dealer Demo.MPG
Lightwave 3D VT4000 Surfaces and Textures Beta Dealer Demo.mpg
Toaster CG Essentials VT4000 Beta Dealer Demo.mpg
Video Toaster Essentials VT4000 Beta Dealer Demo.MPG

Crouton Tools 4000 Training Video.mpg

\Videos\Dimension Technologies
DJTV AudioBuzz Season 1.iso
DJTV tech know Season 1.iso
DJTV tech know Season 2.iso
The Next Level Software for the Video Toaster and Flyer.mpg
Wipe Studio Video Jumpstart Tutorial.mpg

Alpha Paint Demo.MPG
Alpha Paint Tutorial.mpg
Montage Toaster Montage 24 Broadcast Title 2 Demo.mpg

\Videos\Legacy Maker
Catalyzer Volume 1.mpg

\Videos\Light Speed Video Magazine
Lightspeed Issue 6.mpg
Light Speed Volume 1.ISO
Light Speed Volume 2.bin
Light Speed Volume 3.bin
Light Speed Volume 4.bin
Light Speed Volume 5.bin

Revolution A Demonstration of the Video Toaster with 2.0 addendum.mpg

OZware Aussies Short Cuts.mpg
OZware MultiCam Editor.mpg

\Videos\Producer Series Video Magazine
Producer Series Video Magazine Premiere Issue.mpg
Producer Series Video Magazine Volume 2.mpg

WaveMaker 2.mpg

\Videos\Satellite Video Production
How To Produce Video Scrapbooks.mpg
How To Use Animated Graphics to Enhance Your Videos.MPG

\Videos\Silver Monday Productions
John Pasternaks Movie Maker Series Special Effects Vol 1.iso

\Videos\Video Toaster User Magazine
Video Toaster User Magazine Presents Beyond The Edge.mpg

\Videos\Vivicon Productions
Earn Big Bucks Producing High End Wedding Videos.mpg
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